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Recommendation: Cranial - Dark Towers / Bright Lights

Band: Cranial
Album: Dark Towers / Bright Lights
Label: Moment Of Collapse
Year: 2017

01. Dark
02. Towers
03. Bright
04. Lights
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Cranial is a post, black metal band from Germany formed in 2014 from the ashes of Omega Massif.

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Video: Cult Of Luna - Years In A Day: The Sweep & Light Chaser

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Recommendation: Gloson - Grimen

Band: Gloson
Album: Grimen
Label: Art Of Propaganda
Year: 2017

01. Prowler
02. Fabulist
03. Antlers
04. Cringe
05. Specter
06. Embodiment

In the summer of 2012 in Sweden, a group of individuals came together with a solitary goal in mind - to create dark music offset with the smallest glimmer of hope. Instead of being inspired by political or religious themes, the band turned to their own personal and internal wastelands; to see what would manifest from their subconscious, writhing within this very cruel world.

It's nice to discover new bands and if that band's album is a punch in the face from start to finish, with a pause ("Specter") to let you take a breath and realize what's happening, before closure with the longest track of the album, then you can talk about the discovery of the year so far and definitely an early AOTY contender. 

Mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions.
For fans of Cult Of Luna.

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Streaming: Autism - Film Noir

Band: Autism
Album: Film Noir
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Alive And Torn
02. In Anger
03. Humanity - Crescendo
04. Brittle Bones
05. Your Loudest Sound Is Change
06. 918
07. Film Noir
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Autism is an instrumental post-rock / post-metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania.

"This album, sharing the same name as a cinematic genre, is driven by a mood of pessimism and menace. While working on this album, we decided to explore even more disturbing and uncomfortable topics. Alcoholism, drugs, physical and psychological abuse, manipulation…it is all a part of our everyday life. We have used real samples of some actual tragic life events to create a greater emotional impact to the listener and make him aware. This is not a casual album to listen to, but we believe that “Film Noir” will succeed to deliver the message we wanted to communicate." - Autism

Artwork by our friend Sagby, Engender Art For Hope​.

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Recommendation: Ravenna - Laocoön

Band: Ravenna
Album: Laocoön
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Teraphim
02. Valta
03. Unnok
04. Carrion
05. Laocoön
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Ravena is an American post-rock band from California, formed in 2012. With lengthy compositions from ethereal movements to ominous epilogue. As a three piece, Ravena have worked to build, destroy and rebuild an album that spans over the past 4 years. The first full length album, Laocoön, features 4 movements that encompass a spectrum of beauty and destruction.

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Video Premiere: Cataya - Vis À Vis

We are honored to premiere the new video by Cataya. Track taken from the forthcoming split with Milanku later this year.
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Recommendation: Third Meridian - Polarity

Band: Third Meridian
Album: Polarity
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. 3°W
02. Heroes
03. Darkside
04. [K]night Is Over
05. Tyr Island
06. The Last Escape
07. Moonlight Drive
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Third Meridian, it's an immersive dive into a cinematic universe where the association of sound and video will lead you straight to the euphoria.

Official Site
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Video: stonefromthesky - Weightless

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Video: Overhead, The Albatross - Time (Hans Zimmer Cover)

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Streaming: Buensuceso - Analogy: The Sun | Divided Line

Band: Buensuceso
Album: Analogy: The Sun | Divided Line
Label: Third-I-Rex / The Braves Records
Year: 2017

01. With A Puff Of Wind, The Fire Of The Cave Went Out And Its Shadow Disappeared With Unfulfilled Desires
02. On The One Hand, The Poor Put Down, Surrendered Bought All The Things Were Taken, Much Cohesion, A Lot Of Sweetness
03. The Tulip Curse Came With The Arrival Of Fall
04. Wunderkammer
05. She Needed Two Words To Apologize... Whilst, He Needed An Eternity To Be Forgiven
06. Fate Forgive Us
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Buensuceso is a post-rock/metal band from Mancha Real, Spain.

The album takes inspiration from Platonic philosophy and “The Allegory of the Cave“. It observes the existence of an unreal world, focused on the blindness of an oblivious society, which is forced to accept the insipid, conformist and inhuman reality that lies behind human beings.

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